When Do Babies Sit? Will The Bone Sink When You Sit Your Baby Down?

In this article, we will try to explain when do babies sit for the first time and the importance of this issue. First of all, we can start to sit our babies in a supported way from the 3rd month. In fact, our advice to you is that you should sit your babies in a supported way from the 3rd month. We recommend that you do not delay in this matter. Because in order for your baby to be able to sit unassisted in the future, he needs to develop these abilities starting from a certain period of time. Also, do not forget that it is very important for your baby to be able to sit without support in order to start the complementary foods we recommend for babies from the 6th month.

In order for your baby to be able to sit without support, it will be sufficient for him to gradually develop this ability by starting to sit with support beforehand. If you do not support your baby to develop this developmental ability in the 3rd and 4th months, then you may have problems. Especially the problem you will experience is that when your baby is 5 and 6 months old, he still cannot keep himself there without support when you leave him in the high highchair. In this case, you should not start solid food.

Our recommended method for getting your baby to sit with support

Imagine you are sitting in a chair. Your baby’s bottom will be in your lap, you will lean his back on your chest. And with your arms, you have to do this slowly in a way that somehow prevents the baby from falling to the right and left. The more upright the baby stands, the easier it will be to see around. The easier and better he can see, the more calm he will be. That’s why we recommend that you start these practices on time for your child’s development and for the continuation of his calmness. If your babies are already in the 3rd and 4th months, and when you lay your baby on his back, you will see that he is trying to look around, trying to raise his head up, and gradually becoming curious about the objects around. You will feel it. Here, the duty of mothers is not to tell their babies “no, don’t lift your head, put your head back on the ground”, but to help your baby move to the next stage in a better way by putting this ability on top of it, if it has developed. Therefore, if your baby raises his head from the 3rd month and wants to look around, start with a supported seat so that when your baby reaches 6 months, he/she can sit unassisted and start solid food.

Will the bone sink when you sit your baby down?


When you make your child sit with support, it will not sink anywhere. In other words, his bones do not sink, his hip bone does not sink, his kidney does not sink, his back does not sink, there is no problem with the waist. You will not have any problems with the skeleton in the future. So you can be completely relaxed. As we said, start sitting in a supported way from the 3rd month.

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