What are the risks of hair coloring during pregnancy or postpartum?

In this article, we will talk about whether hair coloring during pregnancy or postpartum is harmful and how it can result.

First of all, we would like to state that we do not recommend hair dyeing during pregnancy or puerperium. As for the reasons, let’s explain as follows;

As a result of hair dyeing, the hair and scalp are exposed to many toxic substances. And these toxic substances definitely enter the body by being absorbed. In body chemistry, it works as follows. If the birth has taken place, these toxic substances pass into breast milk and actually pass on to your baby. If you are pregnant, these toxic substances circulate in your blood and pass to the baby again.

Some parents around us also say: “We have 3 books available, we reviewed the book, but we could not find any evidence that dyeing hair could be harmful to the baby.” So, did they really do a research specific to the question while examining these 3 books, or did they really examine all 3 books in every detail? People can ask thousands or even tens of thousands of questions about their own and their babies’ health, but if they can’t find the answer to the question directly in the books, it doesn’t mean that there is no problem with it.

Again, one of the things we often hear around us is this; “We wouldn’t have come across genetically modified organisms in the past, we wouldn’t have had this many cases of cancer, or we wouldn’t have seen so many cases of depression before.” These are all true things. Because the further you stay away from natural life, the more we will be exposed to such situations.

Natural life actually has all the substances your body needs to live naturally. But people sometimes voluntarily, sometimes unintentionally, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes unknowingly, disrupting this natural balance. And you know what happens after that? people get diseases that we call multifactors, the cause of which is unknown. Let’s count a few diseases; depression is multifactorial, no one can say that if you do this, you will become depressed or if you stay away from that, you will not get depression. Because it can be due to many reasons.

Hyperactivity, which is common in children, has now come down to infancy. Likewise, unfortunately, even newborn babies can get cancer. In other words, many diseases can be transmitted regardless of infants, children or adults.

Now let’s talk about a study. In a study conducted in Mexico, a study is conducted on whether the mothers of 400 children with leukemia were exposed to hair dyeing in the past, that is, during pregnancy. As a result of the correlation, it was determined that the risk of leukemia increased significantly in the children of mothers who dyed their hair during pregnancy. This study is a kind of proof because it is scientific.

Apart from that, there are also many toxicological examinations, that is, evidence found in the laboratories of examining the presence of toxic substances. So our advice to you is to stay away from anything that might be suspicious. Avoid unnatural life, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. Afterwards, do not dye your hair as much as possible for at least 1 year after preparation for childbirth and pregnancy.

You can also think like this; You put together the pros and cons, and it’s entirely up to you whether you want to rule out the possibility of the child becoming depressed or whether you are depressed. That’s why we’re not telling you to dye your hair or not. Here you will make a choice. But do not forget that both during pregnancy and for at least 1 year after pregnancy, that is, when you breastfeed your baby, the main food source for your baby is mothers. The baby who is not fed with breast milk will get sick more quickly. If you want to dye your hair during pregnancy or while breastfeeding It would be useful to review what we wrote above again.

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