What are the Benefits and Harms of Using Fish Oil

In this article, we will talk about the benefits and harms of using fish oil in children.

One of the issues that many parents wonder today is whether it is compulsory to use fish oil in children and babies. If a vitamin deficiency has been detected in your child and this vitamin deficiency may result in metabolic disorders, problems with the brain in the head, etc. If there is, we recommend that he use fish oil to support his treatment as much as we can. However, if your child does not have any disease or problem and you have used enough vitamin D until the first year of age, you do not need to use fish oil after that age.

Fish oils also contain approximately 400,000 units of vitamin D. In this respect, it is certain that it will be beneficial for your child. However, we do not recommend the use of fish oil unless absolutely necessary. In fact, we do not recommend any brand of fish oil. As for the reason; Heavy metals are present in most, if not all, of the fish oils sold in markets, websites and pharmacies.

What we call heavy metal is found especially in large fish taken from the ocean. Especially in deep waters and at the bottom of the sea, it is present in hundreds of fish. The reason for this is the increase in environmental and marine pollution today. Unfortunately, this is a situation that disappoints us while we want to consume a safe, natural and fresh product. Therefore, while trying to eat healthy, perhaps the damage you will see will be greater.

Scientists still have very little information on the human body and health. What we learn is very little compared to what we will learn. With the information we have learned, we cannot say that toxic substances and heavy metals in fish will not harm humans. There is a term called multifactorial disease. For example, when you conduct a research on a cancer patient, the gene factor, smoking factor, stress factor, the region where he lives, the factor that the products he eats and drinks contain carcinogenic substances, etc. In other words, there is such a complex network that you do not know what can give you and how.

Today, unfortunately, genetically modified agricultural products are much more than organic and non-genetically modified agricultural products. Undoubtedly, there lies the desire of the companies to ensure the supply-demand balance and to make more profits.

If we conclude our article, if your children need fish oil, you will have to use it. However, if you just want to support your brain and physical development, you can choose fish that swim closer to the sea surface.

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