Understanding and Causes Earache In Babies (Teething, Infection, Ear Wax)

One of the problems that babies often have, but parents often have trouble understanding, is earache. We often witness our babies scratching their ears. Teething, an infection in the ear or a wax in the ear are among the most basic causes of this condition.

Ear Wax

Some parents, whenever they see their baby scratching their ears, immediately suspect an infection, toothache or earwax. First of all, we should state that the formation of earwax can also mean that there is no problem with the child. Because the presence of dirt prevents bacteria or virus from sticking there and forming an ear infection. So if your baby has earwax and isn’t covering his eardrums, it’s a good thing. If you encounter such a situation, do not try to clean the inside of the ear. If there is a dirt that has just spilled on the auricle, then you need to clean it. It is usually yellow or orange in color.

Ear Infection


In case of an ear infection, your baby is usually expected to have a high fever. Or a very serious amount of pus-like discharge from the ear is expected. That is, as soon as you touch the upper part of the ear, a soggy pus is expected to flow out. If there is no discharge from your ear and your baby’s temperature is not 39 degrees Celsius (102 degrees Fahrenheit) or higher, it is almost impossible for your baby to have an infection in your ear.



Another possibility is ear itching in babies during the teething process. And it can cause earache. In the teething process of earache; It has been proven in studies that there is a positive correlation between itching and pain. But the exact reason is not known. Because no person has gone through a teething process in their adulthood. But babies especially;

If they have increased salivation,

If he started to wake up crying at night from sleep,

If he is constantly holding his hand to his hair or ear

Especially if the time spent in this way has increased,

Trying to put his hand in his mouth and trying to bite everything, including yours

Your baby is probably in the teething process. So don’t worry too much.

If we need to get back together; If your baby has an increase in drooling, such as going through a teething process, and then an earache, such as playing with his ear, the pain in his ear is likely related to teething.

If there is nothing in his ear, there is no discharge, there is no fever, but he is playing with his ear, scratching his ear, it may be due to earwax and you do not need to be afraid of this situation.

If he has a discharge from his ear or if your baby has a high fever, then the pain in the ear can be really painful and may even mean a bacterial infection. Therefore, you may need to use antibiotics.

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