Tips For Choosing Baby and Child Car Seat

With the birth of our children, health expenditures, toys, diapers, books, clothes, etc. We spend a lot. However, among all these expenditures, the child car seat is perhaps the most important one. Therefore, it is very important to do a good research before bubying a child car seat and to determine our standards beforehand. Do not wait for your child to reach an older age to buy a child car seat. Child car seats are used from birth. Some hospitals even check cars for baby car seats before delivering babies to their parents after birth.

Buying the most expensive child car seat on the market is not the best solution. With the advancement of technology and increased competition among manufacturers, many inexpensive models can perform as well or even better than the expensive ones. Also, not all child car seats are suitable for your car, whether they are too expensive or too cheap. Therefore, before buying a child car seat, it is very important to determine in advance what kind of product you will buy. Another important point is if your child will grow day by day and you will need a bigger product. Maybe your budget is not conducive to buying a new product all the time. That’s why you should think ahead and buy a child car seat. Of course, we do not recommend buying a child car seat that is larger than necessary. Because in such a case, you may encounter a security vulnerability.

The most suitable baby and child car seat you can choose is the product that best fits your baby, your child and your car, and will not tire you out while installing it in your car, will reduce the possibility of incorrect installation and offer you convenience. When detecting such a product, we recommend that you choose the product according to your child’s height, weight, age and your car.

Since babies cannot sit until a certain period after their birth and their control over their own bodies is not fully developed (12 months / 9 kg), parents prefer a baby car seat that is also mounted on a baby carriage. That’s why they don’t prefer child car seats at first. However, as we mentioned above, nothing is more important than your baby’s safety, some of the baby car seat models may be compatible with the car seat and some may be incompatible. Therefore, you can buy products by taking this situation into account.

Decide Based on Your Child’s Age and Weight

Today, with the regulations enacted in many countries, the use of child car seats for babies and children has been made mandatory. The child car seats produced are divided into different groups according to height and weight. Although these classifications are close to each other, they may differ from region to region. Some groups may also include the same weight and age ranges.

If you are confused while trying to choose a child car seat, you are definitely not alone. Different models, different test results and very different price ranges make your decision even more difficult. Almost every salesperson you go to can give you different answers. In addition, if you are going to shop on websites, you may encounter insufficient or very different product descriptions. Let us try to help you to make your decision easier.

When Should You Start Using a Car Seat?


The baby car seat starts to be used from the birth of the baby and can be used up to the age of 12. One of the biggest mistakes made here is the thought that there is no need for a baby car seat for newborns. However, the use of baby car seats provides great comfort for both parents and is of great importance for the safety of your child. From the birth of your child until the age of 12-15 months, the seats we call baby car seats are preferred. These seats are also very useful as they can be used both in the car, at home and can be attached to baby carriages (there are types that can be used with baby car seats and those that cannot be used).

Which Criteria Should Be Considered When Choosing a Car Seat?

The car seat is undoubtedly the greatest helper of parents traveling by car, regardless of short distance or long distance. Car seats, which can be used up to the age of 12, have very different features and mechanisms. Therefore, there are some points to consider when choosing a car seat. While making this choice, you should compare the products by considering various factors such as price, performance, quality, need analysis.

How to Choose a Car Seat by Age?


Car seats are categorized according to age groups and weight ranges. In this classification, there are 5 groups as Group 0, Group 0+, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3.

In Group 0 and 0+, there are mostly car seats of the type we call baby car seats. However, since some car seats can grow or shrink, they can appeal to more than one group.

Make Sure That The Car Seat İs Suitable For Your Car.


You bought a product that you like very much and that you call a car seat, which is exactly what I was looking for, and you saw that it is not compatible with your car. That’s why when choosing a car seat, it is recommended that you check how suitable the seat you like is for your vehicle and try to buy the seat. For example, if the seat you bought is a seat that can rotate 360 ​​degrees and your vehicle is not big enough, it will be difficult to use the seat. When you rotate the seat, your child’s range of motion may be narrowed and their feet may not fit between the door and the seat. Again, if the seat you buy is wide and bulky (depending on your car), it may force you while using it.

Make sure that the seat is easy to use and clean.


Another important criterion is that the car seat is practical and easy to clean. From time to time, you may have to remove the car seat to clean your car. Or if your child has vomited on the car seat, you may want to remove it and clean it at home. In this case, the easy assembly and disassembly of the seat will not tire you and will not steal your time. In addition, the seat should not collapse inwards when the child sits in the car seat. Even if you do not encounter this situation in the first use, you may experience the collapse in time as you use the seat. This negatively affects comfort.

How Many Reclining Positions Does the Seat Have?

Another important issue is the reclining positions of the seat. Car seats basically have 3 positions: sitting upright, resting and sleeping. In some brands, this number may increase to 5 or 6. Especially if you are planning long trips, this feature is important for a more comfortable trip for both you and your child. Therefore, it will be useful to pay attention to its technical features when purchasing a car seat.

How Should Children Be Sit in a Car Seat?

Another important point is that the seat should not tighten the child too much, but there should not be any space around the child’s head. The seat should cover three-quarters of the child’s face. If there is a gap, a neck fracture may occur at the time of the accident. Ultimately, our main concern is the safety of our children.



The fact that the fabrics can be removed and washed provides great convenience. Your child may spill food on the seat, vomit, or may become dusty or dirty after a certain period of use. In addition, the fact that the fabric is made of an organic and non-sweating fabric that allows air circulation is an important detail for your child’s comfort and health.

The fabric and texture of the car seat should be in a structure that allows air circulation, especially in hot weather. Many manufacturers are now paying attention to this issue as well. In this way, sweating is minimized and the baby can travel more comfortably. Especially in leather-covered models, air circulation is not fully ensured and high sweating can be seen. For this type of armchairs, towel-style covers sold in the market will be useful. On the other hand, the fact that the fabric comes off easily provides you with great convenience in terms of both time and use when washing is needed.

We would like to share a final detail about fabrics. Since it will not be clear when and where undesirable events may occur, the fire retardant feature of the fabric will also protect you from encountering very serious consequences in case of a possible fire.

360 Degree Rotation (Bidirectional use)

This feature has two big benefits. First; with the same seat, it offers the opportunity to travel both backwards and forwards. In this way, it allows your baby to travel upside down until he reaches a certain age and weight, and then straight. Neck muscles do not develop sufficiently until babies are 15 months old, and if your car has an accident from the front, your babies’ necks may fall forward, causing undesirable results.

The second great benefit is that; as the seat can easily rotate around its own axis, it provides great convenience to the parents when placing the baby in the car and fastening the belt. Otherwise, whether the seat is fixed forwards or backwards, it will be difficult for you to sit your child on the seat and there is a risk of injuring your back. If your vehicle is big enough, you can turn the seat towards you and hold your baby on your lap even when the door is closed.

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