How to Support Your 18-Months old Baby Development

Your baby is now 1.5 years old and his attitude and behavior is more like a child now. He can find a hidden object, for example a toy in a box covered with a shawl. He can remember some texts in the books and read to him a favorite story or fairy tale if you skip some parts of it and understand it and he doesn’t like it at all. During this period, he likes to play games such as house. For example, he likes to play games such as eating from a spoon and drinking from a glass. You can buy him a kitchen set for children during this period.

The colors can be separated, but it is still early to name them. He wonders what is inside, behind and under objects. It can turn it upside down to remove the small objects inside the bottles. He loves to throw objects that can fit into bottles and jars. Can use an average of 15 words. However, the number of words he knows is much more. He can even understand most simple sentences. There is something you need to consider in terms of your baby’s language development. It is this; Some babies walk and talk later in terms of development. For example, during this period, some babies can speak 2 words, while others can speak 20 words. When the time comes, of course, it will complete its development.

Knows the names of certain objects, people and body parts. He can try to sing. He may want you to sing to him. She can try to dance and she has a lot of fun doing it. Comprehension is much more advanced than the ability to express. He can walk with an object in his hand, if he is tall enough, he can turn the doorknob and open the door. He enjoys pressing buttons, turning the lights on and off, and turning the faucet on and off. He may enjoy watching the vacuum cleaner while you vacuum the house. While you are unloading the dishwasher, it may try to remove plates, glasses, spoons and forks. This is a game for him too. It can keep the body balance well. However, he may fall frequently while still running. Can build a tower with 4 cubes. He can get angry when something he doesn’t like. As part of individuation, he may insist on dressing himself, undressing, and eating food. He may play with other children but may not prefer to share his toys. They may try to harm each other. Like biting, pinching, scratching.

How to Support Your Baby’s Development

Hand over a dirty and then a clean laundry first and ask him to take the clean one to the closet and the dirty one to the washing machine. You can feed, change or bathe a stuffed animal or doll in the house. In this way, by imitating the actions done in daily life, you will have them adopted. For example, if you have a baby who does not like to take a bath, you can make it more comfortable with your games. Take your baby in front of you and you have developed the ability to apply with instructions such as arms up, now down, now touching our nose. In addition, you can make him listen to your instructions, make him have fun, and teach him instead of organs.

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