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Sitting Exercises for Babies

sitting exercises for babies.

In this article, we will tell you examples of sitting exercises for babies. With the birth of your babies, a new period begins in your life. No matter how difficult this period may be, it adds meaning and happiness to your life. Especially the changing hormonal activities of newly given …

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How to Support Your 3-Months old Baby Development

you can see the pictures of three months old baby

Your baby will begin to look more carefully at interesting sounds and objects. It will be able to watch objects up to 180 degrees. In this way, your baby will now watch the environment better and more carefully when you are in your arms. As your baby’s nervous system begins …

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How to Support Your 2-Months old Baby Development

you can see the pictures of two months old baby

In 2-month-old babies, feeding and sleeping habits will be a little more regular. The frequency of feedings will decrease slightly and your baby will become more interested in his surroundings. Although the smiles he made before are unconscious, the smiles he has started to make from this month begin to …

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