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Sitting Exercises for Babies

sitting exercises for babies.

In this article, we will tell you examples of sitting exercises for babies. With the birth of your babies, a new period begins in your life. No matter how difficult this period may be, it adds meaning and happiness to your life. Especially the changing hormonal activities of newly given …

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How to Support Your 19-Months old Baby Development

you can see the picture of nineteen months old baby

Your baby is now starting to become aware of his own personality and characteristics. This is an important step towards becoming an individual. However, he is slowly starting to develop his ability to control himself. However, you should not forget that he is still a baby and his desire for …

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How to Support Your 17-Months old Baby Development

you can see the pictures of seventeen months old baby when playing toys

This month, you have a very energetic little kid who spends all day running around and climbing wherever he finds. Your baby has now turned professional while descending from the places he climbed. Even if you are more careful now, minor accidents can still happen. So continue to be careful …

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