What Causes Baby Head Sweating? Should be Worried?

Many mothers worry about their baby head sweating. In fact, they are not considered wrong. It is very likely that this is not a disease, but it is still useful to be sure.

Harrison’s Sulcus, Rachitic Rosary and Deficiency of Vitamin D

In the case of rickets, that is, osteoporosis, which develops after vitamin D deficiency, sweating occurs on the scalp in babies. Unfortunately, sweating on this scalp can be the first symptom of this disease. It can also be a precursor of extra disease conditions such as “Harrison’s Sulcus”, “Rachitic Rosary”. In case such diseases start to occur, when you go to your pediatrician, there will be some things that your doctor observes during the examination. If you go to the pediatrician regularly and they haven’t detected anything special or haven’t told you anything, there’s no need to worry.

As a recommendation of the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics and in many countries, vitamin D prophylaxis is given to infants within the first year. Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for your babies. That’s why you need to give your baby a certain amount of vitamin D in the first year. If you regularly use vitamin D or use a baby formula and your daily food intake is above 500 milliliters, your chances of experiencing osteoporosis will be very low.

Sweating While Sucking

If your baby does not have a special problem, there is no osteoporosis. Then why is his head sweating? Here are a few different reasons for this situation. The most common of these reasons; It is the sweating of your baby due to the effort exerted by your baby during sucking. As you know, babies do not exert effort by walking or running like adults. The biggest effort of babies is the sucking force they strive for during feeding. For this reason, we often encounter the sweating of the baby’s head during suckling. So if your baby only sweats during sucking, you don’t have to be afraid.

Ambient Temperature

Another situation that is encountered with sweating is that there is a very serious amount of sweating in the place where babies sleep, on their pillows, on the back of their neck and on the back of their heads. The reason for this is that the ambient temperature is not adjusted properly or you dress your baby more than necessary. Another reason is that there is not enough air circulation in the place where your baby lies or lays his head. Our recommendation in this regard is to regularly ventilate the place where you lay your baby. In addition, try to ensure the thermal balance of your baby by using cotton clothes as much as possible.

The most comfortable and safest sleep for babies is 22 degrees Celsius. Especially in the winter season or in cold weather, the houses are heated more than they should be. When you dress your baby in layers while you are at home in a T-shirt, you may actually harm your baby instead of protecting it. If the environment you are in is above 24 degrees, it is not safe for your baby and it is not comfortable for your baby. It can cause your baby to sweat excessively, even if you are dressed in normal clothes where he sleeps.

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