How to Use the Nebulizer / Inhaler Device?

In this article, we will tell you how to use the nebulizer device. If your children have a disease such as bronchiolitis or asthma and therefore frequently go to the hospital and undergo steam therapy, you can also apply the nebulizer device to your children at home.

To summarize briefly, if your children older than 2-3 years of age are receiving steam therapy, you can get a more effective and easier medication if you switch to inhaler therapy. As you know, some of the drugs given with nebulizer devices in hospitals are given by diluting. Therefore, consider a child older than 2-3 years. You hold that child in front of a device that makes noise, a device that produces steam, and you try to ensure that the child can benefit from these drugs by holding them to their mouth and nose for 15 minutes. This is really a difficult thing for both your child and you. Already, your child may be afraid of both the device and its noise, and if you have to, you can force your child to have steam treatment by holding his hand and arm. In some cases, you need to do this every 2 hours and the child is really fed up after 3-4 treatments. Therefore, it is possible to overcome this situation more easily. Namely; It is possible to complete your treatment with the nebulizer device in 20-30 seconds instead of 15 minutes. Let’s explain it like this; What we call an inhaler is a form of medicine that is in the form of small powders, which we call aerosol, which is made small from the bottom when you press it from the top. Since it is applied directly to the lungs, its side effects are few. Therefore, it is a very valuable drug because it is a drug that directly affects the area we want. Now, this tool is an aerochamber, which is a recommended tool for the child to use it properly.

We recommend the yellow colored ones for small children and the blue colored ones for slightly older children. Here’s how you can tell if this tool is suitable for your child. This device is suitable if there is no outside air when you place the device between the nose and chin. The nose is completely covered, but there is some opening in the chin. We do not recommend such a device. We use them like this: in the inhaler, the part that will come into the mouth is down and the tube is up. You shake it first, hold it upright, and after you put it in, you whistle. Then you attach it to your child. Your child takes the ideal 10 breaths and takes the steam inside his body completely. Then you take it out, shake it, put it back on, and tighten it while in an upright position. You’re putting it on your child again.

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