How to Treat Sputum in Babies and Children at Home

In this article, we will talk about how you can treat sputum in babies and children at home with respiratory physiotherapy and its application. It is a method that we call respiratory physiotherapy and has been used in pediatric intensive care units, neonatal intensive care units and adult intensive care units for many years. In this article, we will also tell you how you can apply this method at home. In addition, while applying this method, we will also explain how you can remove sputum without using any chemical drugs.

First of all, we should state that you should consult your doctor before applying the method that we will describe in this article. As we mentioned above, the application you will make does not contain any chemical content. In this way, you can safely apply it at home.

You can use these medicines when your child has a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, when your child has bronchitis, that is, when you have difficulty breathing, or if your child has a rough breathing and coughing, that is, in case of dryness, and you can apply this to your child.

First of all, you need a nebulizer device to be able to do this application. If you haven’t bought a nebulizer device yet, we recommend that you do. You will see the benefits for many years. You should also buy 100 cc of 100 milliliters of physiological saline to give your child as a steam. You can obtain serum physiology from all pharmacies without a prescription. As for what happens in physiological saline, you will give 09 per thousand sodium chloride, that is, a substance containing only salt water.

Another thing we need is the injector. You need an injector to deliver the water in the serum physiology to the chamber of the nebulizer.


First of all, you can start the application after injecting the serum physiology into the nebulizer. As a result of this application, air particles, that is, small microscopic water vapor particles, will allow your child to descend into his lungs with his breath, and the stuck sputum in this lung will be diluted a little more and become more easily excreted. So how much saline should you put in the nebulizer? It will be sufficient to give a physiological serum of 5 milliliters. You can also use your device as a mask, or you can use it from a distance by holding it against your child’s mouth and face.

For this application, revive a brand’s nebulizer, especially with a powerful and smooth engine. Nebulizers used to be equipped with basic features. You may be afraid of the audio study device and refuse to use this book reader. It consists of the first nebulizer in my own home.

Let’s start the application now; You observe a cough in your child and you want to get some expectoration. You have initialized the device. After starting the device, the tiny air particles coming from inside go down to the lungs of the child to soften the phlegm somehow. So the child needs to take it while breathing. As we mentioned above, you do not have to put it in the child’s mouth. Keeping it from a distance or even while sleeping, let the child only pass the air particles in there with the respiratory tract. After a while, you will see that your child starts to cough. You will also feel that the sputum is a little more watery.


You see that 5-10 minutes have passed, but you did not observe anything. In this case, take your child on your shoulder as if you are going to take the gas off, and by making your hand hunched, hit your child on the back in the form of 1 2 3 4 5 upwards from the top of his buttocks, just as if he had gassed. Complete 4-5 sets this way. However, when hitting your child’s back, you should hit it in a balanced way so that it does not hurt. Our aim here is not to torture the child. To comfort your child. Our aim here is to hunched your hand as if to give the child more applause, and with the effect of the pressure inside, we ensure that those mini sputum particles in the lung are removed.

After making this application, you can put your child aside and let him rest. If he’s hungry, you can feed him. Because some children may become a little uneasy due to the noise of the appliance, the steam or the illness itself. You can also combine this process with nose cleaning. After all, physiological saline is used when cleaning your child’s nose.

In the meantime, after giving your child steam, you can observe some saliva in your child’s mouth and nose. If your child is small, you must lay down while cleaning the nose. If your child is older, you can clean the nose while sitting on the lap or standing. After nasal cleaning, you can take your child on your shoulder to do respiratory physiotherapy again, or if you have a smaller baby, you can lay it on your arm on the lower side and do the application in the same way as 1 2 3 4 5 counting from bottom to top.

By this physiotherapy, you can see that your child can relax without using any hospital or any ventolin and derivative drugs.

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