How to Support Your 23-Months old Baby Development

Your baby have trouble paying attention to something for a long time. The attention span is short. He is now quite adept at matching objects. He/she recognizes an animal that he/she sees in the books by matching it when he/she sees it in the wild or in the zoo. Progress in the remembering process began to be seen. For example, he remembers that he left his toy in the car, or when he leaves a toy in another room and you ask him to find it and bring it back, he finds it and brings it. Recognizes the similarities of objects well. He also notices the contradictions. Which one is small and which one is big.

There are 60-70 words in the memory repertoire. He started to form sentences of 2-3 words. However, it should not be forgotten that the development of every child is not the same. How does the dog sound? what is your name? Shall we have soup? It answers simple questions such as Can understand long sentences, but still cannot form long sentences. He uses the possessive suffixes as in words such as me, my mother, my sister. He started using the words no and yes. He likes to listen to short stories. Loves to jump and fall on the bed. Runs fast without getting stuck.

Pencil holding skill is much better now. Can draw more distinct circles and shapes. His skill in holding spoons and forks is further developed. His focus is on himself. He is self focused. He can be easily offended and angry. He wants to be independent. He enjoys spending time with his peers and children of a close age.

How to Support Your Baby’s Development

When talking to your child, who can now understand more complex words and sentences, take care to form sentences that indicate the location of objects. For example, let’s put the glass on the table, let’s put the undershirts in the drawer below. This way of speaking will support your child’s grammar development. You can transfer legumes such as dry beans and chickpeas from one bowl to the other with a spoon. In this way, you will both support his fine motor skills and contribute to his ability to eat by himself as you will do this with the help of a spoon. Now he has entered the period where he can play with play dough. The biggest danger of play dough is that children are curious and eat the play dough. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to be under your supervision while playing with play dough, to guide him and to play together. Pictures can be drawn with colored pencils. Still his favorite games are housekeeping, pastry and doctor.

If you haven’t got it yet, getting a doctor’s kit will both support your imagination and help you overcome your doctor’s phobia, if any. Building blocks and legos are more of interest. Take care to bring him together with his peers often and take him out to parks and gardens. And most importantly, don’t neglect your child by putting your mobile phone aside and getting busy with your routine life and work. Remember that the important thing is not how much time you spend with your child, but how much quality time you spend with your child.

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