How to Support Your 21-Months old Baby Development

Your baby is almost 2-years old. His ability to speak and imitate is developing day by day. He watches you carefully while you do chores and tries to imitate you. For example, while you are hanging the laundry, he tries to hang it with you, he tries to hold the handle of the vacuum cleaner while vacuuming, and he tries to remove the dishes while loading or emptying the dishwasher.

In these months, it is slowly starting to become clear which hand will be used more dominantly. It can match 2 colors and 2-3 objects. Can recognize small concepts, can turn the pages of a book to find the named fruit, vegetable, animal or any object. Although he does not yet understand their meaning, he can recognize car brands, the name of the market on your street, or some symbols that he sees frequently or is interested in, such as bank logos. It can make vehicle and animal sounds. Now the speed of learning new words has increased. Can name the animals or objects shown. Begins to use verbs more often (give, kiss, go, etc.). If he wants, he can follow the 3-4 instructions given. “What is this?” He can answer when asked. Can go up and down stairs with assistance. He has become a complete climbing master. If it is tall enough for the door handles, it can open and close the doors.

He can scribble in circular motions, throw the ball forward, shoot with his foot and drag the ball. He is just learning to share his toys. Mostly, he does not want to share his toys with other children, but he wants to have them as well, since the toys in the hands of other children will attract their attention. When you take it to the playground, it owns the swings and toys in the ring and does not want to share it with other children. When he sees another child on the swing he uses constantly, he shows his anger and can show this anger by crying. He insists on doing what he wants. In fact, if his wish is not fulfilled, he may cry out and try to force you to do it. He has learned emotions such as fear, sadness and joy now. Adults can play various games when guided.

How to Support Your Baby’s Development

During this period, you can give your child brushing training. He can wash his hands and face by himself. After eating, you can give him a piece of wet tissue and ask him to wipe his hand and mouth. You can ask him to wipe up the spilled food on the table.

Using adjectives in your daily conversations and games (give me the big ball, a red car passed your door, etc.) will support language development. While reading a book, you can pause from time to time and ask questions about the story. Like where is the cat? Stringing beads together on a string or wooden stick will develop fine motor skills. He may not be able to put on and take off all his clothes yet, but it is extremely important for his development to encourage him in this regard. Encourage her to pull her socks over her feet and take off the socks she’s wearing.

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