How to Support Your 24-Months old Baby Development

Congratulations! Your baby is 2 year old with endless energy. As your child grows, he is more active at home thanks to his motor skills and imitation ability. While he can already eat a fruit that you have handed on his own, a child who turns 2 can even eat his own food with the help of a spoon and fork if he is supported enough. It can perform some simple fetch and take operations as per your instructions. He can execute the tasks you give him. For example, take this sock to your father. Fulfilling the small tasks assigned will add to their sense of self-confidence. He wants to do the same things over and over. He can ride the same slide over and over in the playground, make you read the same book over and over again, or rewind the same video over and over again.

His ability to produce solutions to daily problems has further developed. For example, he can bring the stool in his room for a food that he needs to reach up in the kitchen and get. He can show the limbs in his body and know their functions. He knows how to wear clothes and will also help you get him dressed. For example, when you tell him that you are going out, he goes and brings his shoes and coat, and when you put his shoes on, he stretches his feet to you.

Language development is also making rapid progress. Begins to understand and use spatial adjectives and pronouns. For example, far, near, here, there, above, below, etc. Begins to form sentences of 2-3 words. Vocabulary can go up to 150-250 words. Does not use suffixes while making sentences. If she says “Mom eat”, it can mean Mom give me food or Mom is eating.

If we evaluate it in terms of motor skill development, he can open and close a pair of scissors, albeit clumsily. It can shape play dough. He can go up and down stairs holding on to something. He can start riding a tricycle. However, the ability to turn the pedals has not yet developed. He still does not want to share toys and belongings with other children. He cannot construct a game with other children, but the parallel game process continues side by side. He begins to express his feelings more clearly through his behavior. For example, they may frown quickly, be offended, or cry. Although gender differences have not attracted much attention until now, they are starting to attract more attention. The mother tends to imitate her father and, if any, siblings more often.

How to Support Your Baby’s Development

Your baby is getting more curious and has the capacity to ask you countless questions throughout the day. It is very important for your child’s cognitive development that you answer these questions by helping them establish a cause-effect relationship instead of glossing over them. Since he is very active, you should help him throw off his energy by playing games and activities with him every day. Playing hide and seek, creating an obstacle course at home or just playing ball increases the mobility of both you and your child and allows you to have a fun time together. Put together a few objects at home that she knows the name of, and then ask her to close her eyes or turn her back. Hide one of the objects when he closes his eyes and ask your baby to name the object we have hidden. In this way, you support both visual and memory development.

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