How to Support Your 10-Months old Baby Development

Your baby can accomplish many things now and can crawl or crawl around the house. Now there are games, meals and moves that he likes and dislikes. The most important feature of this month is that your baby can take a step or two when you hold her hand. For children, the discovery of the house they live in and the environment they live in is an extremely entertaining adventure.

In terms of cognitive development, your baby can examine all its parts by turning the objects in his hands this month. As object continuity becomes clearer, she can find a completely covered toy. Observes and can apply simple daily activities. Your baby will observe and imitate not only our daily chores but also our little gestures and emotions this month.

In terms of language development, some children can use words such as father, mother, breast appropriately. Your baby is now quite adept at holding objects with his thumb and forefinger. This means that he can easily eat the mini pancakes or meatball pieces you put in front of him.

He can stand up by holding on from where he is sitting, he can sit back while standing, climbing activities have already started. In terms of social and emotional development of your baby, he does not like to be taken away from his toy and the game is interrupted, and he shows this by crying. Can keep back and forth rhythm with music. Can distinguish between different sounds, such as the doorbell and the voice of his father.

How to Support Your Baby’s Development

Play for kids is a great way to learn about the world. You may be bored while doing activities with your baby and you may not be able to adapt to him. However, it is more important to have a positive experience with your baby than to complete the activities completely.

During these months, your baby loves to throw things away. For this, ball games are a great option. You can throw your socks in the laundry basket. You can throw balls at each other by sitting on the floor facing each other. Reading books and telling stories is an activity that supports language development for children of all ages. Hide a small object such as a pacifier in front of your eyes under a plastic or cardboard glass. Lift the glass by himself and see if he picks up the pacifier. If he finds it, see how he reacts by increasing the number of glasses to two this time. Now that he can use his index finger deftly, you can get toys that make a noise on pressure and a flip phone.

Your Baby’s Sleep Pattern

If your baby has acquired the ability to sleep without support, he or she can sleep for about 10-12 hours all night without interruption. He still sleeps two nights during the day. This month, they may want to wake up at night and try to sit and crawl all day.

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