How to Support Your 16-Months old Baby Development

Your baby is now much stronger and more confident. It can walk without any problems, it can easily climb on the seats, on you, in short, anywhere with its physical structure, and descend without falling. While doing these climbing and descending operations, it can often protect itself from falling. This is a result of his cognitive development. He knows very well what the danger of falling is.

He also remembers objects he has seen before when he sees them elsewhere. Knows some geometric shapes. Can play games that require imagination, such as housekeeping. For example, when you hand an empty plastic cup to your hand and say, “Blow this out, there is tea in it,” he knows that the glass is empty, but he still pretends to drink by blowing it as if there is tea. While playing such games, he can now speak 7-8 words or even more clearly. However, he will still mostly rely on sign language and nonverbal communication to say what he wants. Sometimes, when he is immersed in the game, words such as apple, tea, cheese pour out of his mouth and you want your baby to say these words for the first time, because he is surprised, but this time he may avoid saying it with embarrassment. It can climb stairs when held by the hand. Although they have started to improve themselves in using spoons and forks, they still cannot fully coordinate their skills. His gait accelerated. The frequency of tantrums may increase.

How to Support Your Baby’s Development

Take your baby out into nature as often as the weather conditions allow. Let him play with the ground, sit and roll on the grass, pluck the grass, let the wind lick his face. You can play the game of picking up stones from the ground and throwing them away. Take walks together and observe ants and insects. Look for worms under the stones after the rain. Give him the opportunity to stop and examine things he is curious about. Let him touch, smell. These increase awareness of the environment and are significantly supportive activities for its development. You may not be able to keep up with your baby’s pace due to your daily work, but at least trying should be your priority.

You can choose plastic blocks and large legos as toys. Your baby loves to crawl under tables and chairs, and hide behind doors and curtains this month. This is actually part of its development. They love tents. You can buy a tent suitable for its age, or you can create your own tent with two chairs in the middle of the hall and a large sheet. Here you can have a very pleasant time with your baby and play house camping or imaginary games.

Your Baby’s Sleep Pattern

Your 16-month-old baby sleeps for a total of 11-14 hours during the day. 11-12 hours of this is night sleep. As of this month, most of the babies have switched to a single daytime sleep.

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