How to Support Your 17-Months old Baby Development

This month, you have a very energetic little kid who spends all day running around and climbing wherever he finds. Your baby has now turned professional while descending from the places he climbed. Even if you are more careful now, minor accidents can still happen. So continue to be careful though. For you, some days are so hectic and hectic that you can’t even understand how it’s evening.

Now the ability to classify objects has increased. Can understand the similarities and differences between objects and know what the objects are for. It can produce solutions to simple daily problems such as eating with a spoon and fork. Or he knows that there will be water in a glass of water and tea in a teacup. When you hold the glass of water, it drinks directly, when you extend the teacup, it smells, touches and blows. So it is more cautious.

Performs tasks as he should while playing with simple point-and-click replaceable toys. Understands many more words than he can speak and follows short instructions. Can speak 10-12 words, show 5-6 body parts. Now your baby can express very clearly what he likes and dislikes, wants and does not want. Even if he cannot express it fully verbally, he can reveal it with his reactions. It can run but also fall frequently.

How to Support Your Baby’s Development

By using a pillowcase or a bag as a sack, you can teach your baby colors by saying let’s throw away the blue toys or objects in the house for this now. Keep talking to him again while playing this game. When speaking, use both the intonation of your voice and your facial expressions. Look like there’s a blue toy here. Then put a red colored object in your sack and you can draw attention by saying that there is a red colored object here. Afterwards, you can pour everything you collected into the middle of the hall and explain the objects to your baby one by one. For example, look, there is a blue sock here, as if there is a blue pencil here. In this way, you can greatly contribute to the development of your baby. In addition, with this game, you will both teach him colors and have fun with your baby by returning to your childhood.

You can play with 3 or 4 piece puzzles, you may not be able to do it right away, so do it first and encourage him to do it too. After you wash the socks, put them in the middle of the living room again and match them according to their colors and patterns. Ask him for help while hanging the washed laundry and ask him to give you the laundry one by one.

Our daughter used to get on top of the dishwasher and take glasses, spoons and forks and hand them to us. It would help us place the shelves. He loved this game. Whenever he heard or saw the door of the dishwasher being opened, he would immediately run up to the machine and never miss this opportunity. After a while, we realized that emptying the machine has become a common game.

Your Baby’s Sleep Pattern

It is likely that he will continue to sleep for 12-14 hours throughout the day. He can sleep an average of 11-12 hours at night and usually sleeps for an hour or two in the afternoon. Gradually, however, their sleep will begin to shorten a little in the afternoon.

Sleeping Companion

During this period, your baby may become overly attached to an object or a toy. These can be a cardigan, pillow, blanket or toy. This is because he needs the object of trust to relax. The reason for this need is the emergence of fears. He can hug his friend even tighter when he is under stress, away from you, sleeping and entering a new environment. Attachment to this item can last up to 6-7 years.

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