How to Support Your 19-Months old Baby Development

Your baby is now starting to become aware of his own personality and characteristics. This is an important step towards becoming an individual. However, he is slowly starting to develop his ability to control himself. However, you should not forget that he is still a baby and his desire for independence is still in conflict with the desire to be a baby.

Objects that are the same in terms of cognitive development can be matched. Can put 4-5 piece puzzle pieces in their places. His attention is highly variable and momentary. Although he pretends not to hear you when you call his name, he actually hears you but prefers not to react. For example, you called his name 4-5 times, but he neither looked at you nor responded. From now on, when you tell him let’s go to the park, he will suddenly turn towards the door or his clothes.

Says the names of some objects and has a vocabulary of at least 7-8 words. Can use verbs and know their concepts. This month can climb the stairs with your help. It can run, walk backwards. Pen control has increased. Holds the pen in the middle. It also holds the spoon and fork securely in the hand. He can drink his own water using both hands. He can build a tower with 5 cubes. Increased ability to imitate household chores. He often uses the phrase I will do it and expresses his feelings better.

How to Support Your Baby’s Development

You can transfer nuts such as peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts from one bottle to another with your baby. Thus, you support your baby’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Make a photo album of your baby and your family members and relatives who are nice to see you, and point to each photo there in turn and ask who it is. This game both improves his memory and allows him to learn the concept of family. Color with crayons together. This activity will allow your baby to have a good time and will contribute to the development of visual intelligence and skills.

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