How to Support Your 5-Months old Baby Development

In the 5th month, you and your baby started to get to know each other better, to learn what makes them happy and what bothers them. Now your baby is aware of what is going on around him. He is looking for you with his eyes. During this period, he now recognizes his close circle.

During this period, your baby will be happy to share something and spend time with you. Now he/she examines your mouth more carefully and tries to make the sounds you make. He can look when you call him by his name. He started to turn his wrist.

Your baby has started to turn more clearly this month. He can hold his head upright in different positions. He can put his feet in his mouth and suck his toes. Can now reach and grasp distant objects more easily. Sitting ability also continues to develop.

When you hug him, he snuggles close to you and adjusts his body to you. It’s already starting to become more and more independent.

How to Support Your Baby’s Development

Read books for your baby’s development this month. Reading books improves your baby’s ability to learn the mother tongue and accelerates his emotional and social development. Don’t think you don’t understand. Over time, the words you say to him will begin to spill out of his mouth. Make use of your facial expressions and the intonation of your voice while reading.

Take every opportunity to communicate positively with your baby. Even all the toys in the world cannot communicate with your baby like you do. Look at the reactions of calling him by name with different directions and intonations. Play games with him. In this way, you will have a fun time with your baby and the communication between you will be strengthened. Play “Where is mommy” by covering your face. With this game, you teach your baby that the objects that he cannot see are not lost but still exist.

Make sure to make eye contact with him and touch him often. Don’t have too many toys around. This can distract him and make him feel uncomfortable. Have your baby listen to music. Ask him if we can take him in your arms and dance. Dance with him slowly but rhythmically. You will see that you like it very much. Make eye contact while dancing. They like to be tickled. Tickle him without exaggeration.

Baby’s Sleep Pattern

Your baby has 2 naps in this month. Night sleep is around 12 hours. A sleep routine has been established.

My Baby Is Gaining Less Weight Than Before.

Babies 3-4. As they complete their months, many mothers worry about the baby gaining weight. Babies take an average of 30 grams per day in the first months, 20 grams in 4-6 months and 10-15 grams in 6-12 months. The decrease in the rate of weight gain starting from the 5th month is a healthy development indicator. Also, do not forget that your baby is more active and burns energy compared to his first months. In this case, worried mothers immediately start complementary foods on the grounds that their milk is not enough. They may even think that formula does not help. But don’t worry. Remember that no food can replace breast milk for the first 6 months of your baby’s health.

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