How to Support Your 8-Months old Baby Development

From this month onwards, mobility of your baby will increase more. In addition, body coordination will increase.

In terms of cognitive development, he looks behind himself and at objects pointed with fingers. Begins to understand the difference between one and more. He started to grasp objects not only with his palm but also with his fingers. This is a sign that your baby can now easily consume finger foods. Can hold individual objects in both hands and bang them together.

He/She can sit up on his own and change his position. He or she can practice standing or even stand by holding on. While sitting, he can easily reach out and take objects that are placed a little far away. Shows resistance to things he doesn’t want to do.

He/She can sit up on his own and change his position.His vision became clearer and his perception of depth was formed. In this way, distant objects lie better. During this period, you can practice eating with a silicone fork and spoon that will not harm him/her.

How to Support Your Baby’s Development

To diversify your tummy position, place a soft cloth ball or a medium-height pillow under your tummy. In this way, you can help your muscles work more effectively and establish new connections between cells in your brain while thinking about how to get rid of this uncomfortable situation.

Your kitchen has become one of your baby’s favorite playgrounds because this part of the house has loads of cabinets and drawers to explore. Might want to unload them. You’ve probably made your house baby-safe and locked your kitchen cabinets. However, keeping one of the drawers or cabinets at the bottom for your baby for exploration and putting items that will not pose a danger to your baby will satisfy his curiosity.

Fill and empty games are great fun for 8 month old babies. Put small toys in a plastic bucket or other container and give it to your baby to play with. Fill the objects into the bucket and empty it again.

Baby’s Sleep Pattern

Your 8-month-old sleeps for 10-12 hours, waking up continuously or once or twice a night. During the day, he sleeps 2 sleeps, one short and one in the morning. We are in a month where sleep routine and sleeping without support gain more importance. Because of the increase in separation anxiety from the mother and the desire to repeat the movements that she learned during the day at night, she may start to get up more often at night.

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