How to Support Your 2-Months old Baby Development

In 2-month-old babies, feeding and sleeping habits will be a little more regular. The frequency of feedings will decrease slightly and your baby will become more interested in his surroundings. Although the smiles he made before are unconscious, the smiles he has started to make from this month begin to be made consciously. Although he still cannot fully control his head, he will be able to control his head better from this month. Now, when your baby is sleepy or hungry, the crying sounds will start to come out in different tones.

Your baby can now watch the colored objects you hold in your hand, better perceive her mother’s voice and hugs, and make meaningful eye contact with her mother. When lying on his stomach, he can raise his head better, so we recommend that the baby be laid on his stomach from time to time in terms of physical development. We are still careful not to lie on your stomach during sleep. He begins to open his palms now.

How to Support Your Baby’s Development

You will continue to see the benefits of massaging and skin-to-skin contact with your baby this month. Since your baby is more interested in the outside world, it should now be facing out while carrying it in your arms. While walking your baby in this way, explain the objects to him. In this way, he will begin to explore his surroundings better.

Lay your baby face up on a soft surface. Grab it by the hands and slowly lift it up and after a few seconds, release it slowly. Do this several times in a row. However, be very gentle with your baby while doing this.

Wrap your baby around yourself with the help of a sling after he/she sleeps, after he/she is full and after his/her diaper is cleaned, and continue to talk to your baby while doing your daily routine. Smile when talking to him as he can see your face better now.

Baby’s Sleep Pattern

If you want your baby to sleep more comfortably, set separate day and night routines. In the first months, put your baby to sleep in places such as bassinets and baskets. Make a sleeping bag or swaddle before bed. It will fit better when you swaddle your babies. This is because swaddling makes the baby feel like in the womb.

Make sure that the room temperature is 22-24 degrees Celsius. However, each baby’s comfort temperature may be different. You can tell if your baby is cold by touching his nose. If his nose is cold, it means he is cold. In this case, either increase the room temperature or you can wear slightly thicker clothes. If his neck is sweating, then the room temperature is too high. Either lower the temperature of the room a little or reduce your clothes.

Finally, don’t forget to ventilate your environment frequently. Fresh air will be good for both you and your baby.

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