Vaccinations have been linked with everything from death to autism, learning disabilities, paralysis, SIDS, arthritis, polio, etc.  Our experience began when our child had a reaction to the Hepatitis shot which she received at 16 hours old. Neither of us have Hepatitis and we were not told that we could wait until she was older.  When the nurse came into our room she had a syringe.  We questioned what it was the shot was for and was told it was the Hepatitis vaccine.  We had never heard of it.  We questioned what it was for, if they had any information, why a 16 hour old infant needed it, etc. After insisting on getting more information we were provided with a sheet that listed only three side effects, soreness, tenderness, and fever.  We were told it was the law that our child would be required to get it to enter school but we were never told of any exemptions (ie. Philosophical, medical, or religious) that existed.  We were also not told that the dosage our child received is the same dosage that an 18 year old receives.  The vaccine our child received was manufactured by SmithKline Beecham.  We were not told that there is another Hepatitis shot available that has a pediatric, adolescent and adult dose and is considered to be "more inactive" by Merk.  Approximately six hours later our child was screaming and crying.  This went on for 12 hours (all through the night).  She also experienced agitation, irritability, insomnia, and abdominal pains and cramps. The nurses told us that she had her days and nights confused.  No one offered us or told us that the vaccine package insert was available which listed all the possible side effects. (This insert is similar to the side effect sheet that pharmacists provide with your medication, except the insert is more detailed.)  She developed colic later, although I can not prove that the vaccine caused the colic.  Upon doing research on vaccines, in particular this one I learned that the symptoms that our child experienced were symptoms that occur in less than 1% of cases.  For us though it was 100%.  We have chosen to not vaccinate our child at this time but this was a decision that was reached after doing much research.  Our pediatrician refused to acknowledge what occurred or to report it to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).  (VAERS is a reporting system for the "collection and analysis of data from reports of adverse events following vaccination." Doctors are required to report reactions.  This was set up by the Dept. of Health and Human Services.)  As a result I personally filed a report with VAERS, after coming across it by accident.  We were also told by our pediatrician that we would have to repeat the series of Hepatitis shots if our child did not get the next shot at one month old.  Once again, I did more research and found out that she would not have to get the whole series redone, per Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.  When speaking with a state epidimiologist I was told the series would not have to be redone.  When I asked why would I have been told this by the pediatrician the epidimiologist's response was so the pediatrician could make more money off another office visit.  Our child has been very healthy only minor runny nose from teething and a minor earache. I would encourage anyone with a child who is to be vaccinated for anything to become informed.  You must take the responsibility for your family.  Sometimes I am told by parents that their doctor is going to be unhappy if they choose to not vaccinate or decide to postpone vaccination.  Always remember that you are a consumer.  It is your health and the health of your child and ultimately it WILL BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  So do your research and make sure you make a decision that you can live with, whatever that may be.  When I learned of a study in the United Kingdom in which 600 doctors revealed that 50% of them refused the Hepatitis B vaccine, I decided I needed to do some serious research.  What did the doctors and the medical profession know that I was not being told?  As a result, the following is a list that will present the other side.  Some are books, magazine or links to other web pages.  Some are pro-choice to vaccinate or not and others are completely against vaccines.  I decided that if I wanted to hear the "party line" of the federal government, American Medical Association, American Pediatric Association, etc. then I could ask my doctor.  I was concerned about a repeat of the Tuskegee Syphilis testing, or the era in which pregnant women were told that x-rays were safe, or that formula feeding was better.  I decided that neither I nor my family are going to be unknowing guinea pigs.  I encourage you to do the same and do the research.  Then you will never have to look back on your decisions with regret saying "If only I hadů."

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